Our Purpose

We are dedicated to being the go-to resource for all of your professional beauty needs.


As part of the ever-changing beauty industry, we are always looking for ways to challenge and reinvent ourselves.

Our Commitment

We provide goods and services of the highest quality to professionals in the hair and beauty industry with the aim of ensuring success.


We are a passionate business partner to our customers and we measure our worth by their success.

Our Products

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At Ocean Beauty Supply, we strive toward staying ahead of trends and technology in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our mission is to provide you with the brands and products you love, the latest beauty technologies, and access to the newest trends.

The Possibilities are Beautiful

We love to hear back from our customers.

Efficiency, accuracy, and evolution are the standards by which we conduct business. Our customers have immediate access to everything they need with our effective distribution methods, well-stocked inventory levels, and reliable delivery network system.

We take pride in our customer service and back our brand 100%. Everything we put launch to market goes through rigorous, and ethical testing to ensure the best quality possible. We are also driven to be sustainable and 100% cruelty-free.

We understand what it takes to be successful in the competitive and ever-changing world of beauty supplies. Our mission is to create unique, market-driven beauty supply products that provide the most value to you, our customers, and it is this mindset that has propelled us to where we are today.

The Possibilities are Beautiful

All your Beauty Essentials in One Place

With over 5 years of experience in the beauty industry, we are leaders in price and selection. Ocean has the largest selection of multicultural and ethnic beauty items and general products in the world.

Ocean Beauty Supply began as a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain all the supplies we needed for our own salons. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest retailers of salon supplies. Give us a try. We guarantee to save you time and money on your supplies.

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Respect & Safety

Why you’ll love shopping with us

We at Ocean Beauty strive to create an environment every day that is safe and welcoming for our guests, brand partners, and our associates. On our path to being the most loved and admired retailer we truly believe beauty and self-care are for everyone.

As a guest in our store, we ask that you respect our mission of creating a safe and inclusive environment for other guests to shop and our associates to work. We are proud of our company and the culture we have built and continue to grow.

Our promise to our customers is to stand behind the brands we sell. We do extensive research to make sure the products we carry stand to the highest degree of satisfaction. We also work at having a knowledgeable and professional team to help you in store when identifying and helping with your specific needs.